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We are an Eastern Catholic community of believers who celebrated our first Divine Liturgy in the area on Christmas Day, 1901, in the Chapel of St. Joseph’s Church on East 23rd and Woodland Ave. But we are much more than our physical building, though our current church rightfully reflects the strength and beauty of the diversity of our community. While we are a "Greek Catholic" church, this means that our liturgical life follows the Byzantine tradition, which means we use some Greek in our liturgy and our music follows the ancient Psaltic “Greek-Byzantine chant.” We hold many other things in common with our Greek Orthodox brothers, but our tradition has been more specifically carried by descendants of Near Eastern countries like Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq. So we are not culturally "Greek," but Melkite Greek Catholic. In short, when the Great Schism happened that separated the Western Church from the Eastern Church, we were Orthodox at that time, and we made a choice to stay in communion with Rome.

But we are most certainly and whole-heartedly Catholic, and we welcome all into our home! God bless you!

Our Pastor: Father Georges Haddad

Saint Elias Melkite Greek Catholic Church

(216) 661-1155

8023 Memphis Avenue

Brooklyn, OH 44144

Divine Liturgy

Sundays at 10:30 am

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